Update from the Navajo Nation 10-19-2019

From Larry:

Greetings from the Navajo Nation, Blue Gap, Arizona! Here’s the couple we’re building the home for, beautifully singing “How Great Thou Art” in their native Navajo language. Also included are a photo of their current “house” (1 room, with plastic covering two of the small window openings, and only a screen and a sheet over the other; it was 20 degrees last night and it’s only October- they heat with scarce– and expensive –firewood; they have no indoor plumbing or water).

Also a photo of the new house being built by the two of us from GFC/Snellville, New Name Men’s Group; a brother from Florida (82 years young, and working circles around the rest of us); and 6 wonderful Navajo followers of Jesus. (We’re praying for materials or $1500 for trusses for the roof for the new house so it doesn’t sit open all winter!) 🙏 The exterior and interior walls went up in 2 days, no injuries– and great fellowship with our brothers and sisters in Christ! Thanks to all for your continued prayer covering!

Here’s a link to the video:

Panama City trip update 8/19/2019

Here’s a report from Paul in Panama City:

All is well. SP staff and hospitality is wonderful. PCB is remains in state of crisis. This morning it stormed and many of the streets were completely flooded because the storm sewers are inoperable. About half of the businesses remain empty, probably abandoned. At least a third of the homes remain tarped waiting on repairs.

July 27th Service Project

Last Saturday we accomplished all that we had planned at the Pippin’s home! Thanks to all that were able to come out and help! Here what we completed: we were able to install gutters on the front of the house so that rain wouldn’t pour onto their front porch; we were able to replace the kitchen ceiling light/fan (thanks to Scott Ingraham for donating the new one!) so they don’t have to use a table lamp on the kitchen table to do homework; we were able to repair the electrical short circuit in the living room so that all the outlets work once again and replace the thermostat so that the HVAC works again.

Also, thanks to your generosity, we were able to purchase about $180.00 of fresh fruit, vegetables and some other necessary groceries.

Our next service project will be on Saturday, August 31 (I know, it’s Labor Day weekend). We’ll be serving with Samaritan’s Purse in Florida on our normal fourth Saturday. BTW, there remains plenty of time to register for the Hurricane Michael Rebuild trip to Florida August 18-23! We need volunteers!!! Let me know if you’re interested.