Upcoming Service Opportunities

Here’s our service opportunities for the next few months:

  • January 25: Service Project (Snellville area)
  • February 9-14: Panama City Rebuild after Hurricane Michael with Samaritan’s Purse (https://www.samaritanspurse.org/article/an-angel-returns-home/)
  • March 19-22: Benchmark Ministries. Gooch Gap, Appalachian Trail camping and ministry.
  • April 2020: Navajo Nation Rebuild, Whippoorwill, NM

Also, don’t forget our giving opportunities:

  1. The Kainos Project
    a. Materials and supplies for our service projects.
    b. Food for Saturday morning
    c. Making copies for Saturday morning
    d. Donations to families for utilities and groceries

  1. Navajo Missions
    a. Firewood and coal purchases for Navajo pastors and families in need of heat
    b. Materials and supplies for Navajo Rebuild and support for our partners John Emerson and Pete Belon of Cornerstone Ministries
    c. Expenses with the annual trip to the Navajo Nation

  1. Stone Mountain Coop
    a. Operation expenses

  1. NewCreation517
    a. Contributions for Willie and Shengxi Smith to cover expenses.

Contributions for all these efforts can be made on Saturday morning into the respective “oatmeal cans” or online to Grace and designate “NNMG/xxxxx”.

Update from the Navajo Nation 10-19-2019

From Larry:

Greetings from the Navajo Nation, Blue Gap, Arizona! Here’s the couple we’re building the home for, beautifully singing “How Great Thou Art” in their native Navajo language. Also included are a photo of their current “house” (1 room, with plastic covering two of the small window openings, and only a screen and a sheet over the other; it was 20 degrees last night and it’s only October- they heat with scarce– and expensive –firewood; they have no indoor plumbing or water).

Also a photo of the new house being built by the two of us from GFC/Snellville, New Name Men’s Group; a brother from Florida (82 years young, and working circles around the rest of us); and 6 wonderful Navajo followers of Jesus. (We’re praying for materials or $1500 for trusses for the roof for the new house so it doesn’t sit open all winter!) 🙏 The exterior and interior walls went up in 2 days, no injuries– and great fellowship with our brothers and sisters in Christ! Thanks to all for your continued prayer covering!

Here’s a link to the video: