Panama City Trip Testimony – Charla Summers

When I was asked to travel to Panama City to help with a rebuild, I had no qualms.  I knew God was leading me there to not only help rebuild houses that had been damaged by Hurricane Michael, but also rebuild the faith of those who had suffered loss. 
I loved every part of the five days I was there: the bunks, the showers, the food, the devotions, the prayers and, of course the overly sore body after a day of either laying molding, nail gunning, caulking, painting, etc.  I was determined to extend myself in the service of God just as He has extended himself for me.  I met wonderful faithful people and worked along side of them. I praise them for the patience they gave me and their encouragement. 
After 16 months since the hurricane hit, there is still devastation, still building to do.  Being there in the company of great people made me feel as if I had been in church all day every day.  That is a feeling that can’t be described.  I pray to go again.
God bless,
Charla Summers

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